About Us

More than 12 years of experience in Well Log Digitizing and GIS Mapping enables our expertise to put your scheduled and unscheduled work in line in no time. A big staff and working round the clock give us strength to achieve our goals. Therefore we are always in your contact. So, don’t worry if you have any work-order in rush, we are there to handle it. Our services become your insurance policy at that time. We provide flexible discounted services to our valued customers at much lower and competitive prices as compared to international price index.

Latest internationally preferred digitizing software (Licensed) are used to digitize well log images and GIS maps. General and specially required outputs are provided to the customers like LAS, LIS, NLG, SHAPE, ASCII etc.

While handling well log images for digitizing, we do not charge any starting or processing fee. Our simple formula is “Just pay us for each 100 curve ft data” which results in a lesser expensive service for our customers as they have to pay small amount for a small job. Rush jobs grab the more attention of ours and are handled with the utmost priority but that too at the normal price. We charge minimum price for GIS maps and each one is handled on priority bases until it is completed.

Please contact us either you have Hundreds of maps and Thousands of well log images to be digitized or only One single image. Our customers whether they are the small entities or the large scale business firms, get our proper attention regarding Quality, Quantity & Turnaround for a job. We really want to keep very good relations with you. So let us offer our valuable services towards meeting your requirements for accurate digitizing of your analog data (Well Log/GIS Maps) on the reasonable prices within the shorter period of time.

Feel free to get a SAMPLE work done and then decide for the further ……!