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Since established in 2000, R. S. Datum has been providing its services of vectorizing & digitizing the different kind of analog images mainly in the field of Well Log Data. All hardcopy of well log data which may be in the mod of paper, microfiche, films etc. are converted to industry standard interpretation ready electronic vector format. Well log digitizing is one of the leading technologies we utilize for the geophysical community by using the latest automatic and manual digitizing technology.

In emerging technology paradigm ‘Geographical Information System (GIS)’ has emerged as powerful tool which has potential to organize complex spatial environment with tabular relationships. The emphasis is on developing digital spatial database, using the data sets derived from precise navigation and imaging satellites, aircrafts, digitization of maps and transactional databases. The enormous demand for the storage, analysis and display of complex and voluminous data has led, in recent years, to the use of Geographic information Systems for effective data handling and also for analyzing and geographically transferring the information around the world.


Well Log Digitization and conversion is one of the leading technologies we utilize as it comprises the data backbone in petroleum industry...

Header Capturing

All Log Header Information is captured under our digitizing solution.Usually All Header Information are Captured as per Customers’ directions.

GIS Mapping

Our experience for more than a decade in Geographical Mapping is pushing us to become a well known and reputed service provider in this field.

Conversion of Old Gamma Logs

Old style Neutron Log/ Gamma-Gamma Log or Sidewall Neutron (SNP) which recorded the Gamma ray count rates in count per second.

DIPMETER (Tadpoles)

Dipmeter log were developed to resolve the “3-points define a plane” problem in a single well bore by measuring some physical property...

Well Log Digitization

Well Log Digitization and conversion is one of the leading technologies we utilize as it comprises the data backbone in petroleum industry.

Digital Log Editing

LAS Curve Editing
Curve Arithmetic
Depth Shifting

Quality Control

Check implemented at each stage because our expertise and Log analysts verify accuracy of all data. System includes a comprehensive set of tools to improve the quality of your data. Its QC toolbars provide overall measure of Quality Score of in-house or vendor data. Our digitizing solution’s Quality improvement tools include checks for Pixel Overlay, Spikes, Gaps and Depth Gridding. For Verification of LAS data overlay quickly.